June Bite Size Block

June2015BiteSizeBlockYesterday was a scorcher!! It reached 110 degrees here in Livermore, CA. It was a perfect day for a dip in the pool. This month’s block of beach towel and flip flops fits in perfectly with our weather. I designed this block last fall in Maui with beach adventures in mind. Kick off your shoes and down load this pattern. Of course…we can sew indoors and enjoy the air conditioning. It’s too hot out there!

I used machine appliqué for the flip flops. The background and pinwheels are pieced. If you’d like the instructions and pattern, just click to download. ILoveUsYearRound.InsidePgs20-22

I will be teaching this block this coming Sunday afternoon at In Between Stitches. You can register online. Join us and learn machine appliqué and my tricks to blanket stitching. I will also cover my Precise Piecing Pointers for Pointless Peoples so you can be sure your pinwheel blocks will spin freely.


Cooking Dinner…

Remember to stay cool out there!