Scrappy Hunter Star

Lora and I spent last weekend with the Amador Valley Quilters Guild and had an absolute blast!! What a fantastic group of women! We spent Saturday talking about our quilting personalities and the psychology of color. Then it was show and tell time (bring and brag time?) for the Material Girlfriendfriends. We sold lots of patterns. Our mother, Carolyn and a life-long friend, Diana ran our sale table. They worked hard!!!

20160611_141358 20160611_144410 20160611_144549 20160611_144726 20160611_144928On Sunday, Lora and I taught the Amador Valley Quilters Guild workshop at the Livermore Library and made this Scrappy Hunter Star quilt. The class sold out so there were several women that didn’t get the opportunity to make this fun quilt. Here is a free download of the ScrappyHunterStar.Instructions. This is available for a limited time only so download it now and not later! This is the Class Supply List for.HuntersStarQuilt .

Lora and I didn’t write this pattern. But… because of our quilting personalities, we didn’t leave it as it was. The first half of the pattern is by Jennifer, the blogger of the Go check out her blog. She is like a breath of fresh air. Her photos are in the first half of the instructions. The second half, page 3 and on, are our modifications. I’ve highlighted the three different color ways of the same block in the image below.

diagramforLora20160612_120249 20160612_15350420160612_153252 20160612_153314 20160612_153321 20160612_153325 20160612_153337 20160612_153351 20160612_153655Aren’t the Scrappy Hunter Stars beautiful?!! I honestly thought every student had a successful color/fabric combination. We had a delightful time and hope they let us come back next year!