A Quilter’s New Year Resolutions

Finish UFOs. Every year, this gets added to my New Year Resolutions. A week ago, I succumbed to Judy’s peer pressure and joined the rest of the Material Girlfriends in the American Patchwork and Quilting UFO Challenge. You are to choose 12 unfinished projects and each month APQ chooses a number and you sew on that project for the month. (Check it out here.) I started by writing up my list, checking my closet for forgotten projects… Hmm. I only had 8. EIGHT. Ocho. So I doubled up on a few projects to make 12.

EIGHT unfinished projects? What was wrong with me? Basically I am finishing everything I start because it turns into a pattern. I couldn’t finish all those new patterns on my own, however. My mom, Carolyn, and sister, Lora, sew up my projects while I write. I know, it is like cheating!

The first of the year APQ chose project #6 for us to work on for Jan. I’m already done. On my list, #6 was a basket of four unfinished runners. They needed quilting and binding. DONE. Now I’m down to 7 UFOs. What will I do for the rest of the month? Here are a few images of what the Material Girlfriends got done Jan 1. Judy’s blocks for a sampler, a baby quilt for Lora’s new nephew and my four runners. Katheline and Diana worked on their Bird Walk blocks.

img_4244 img_4243 img_4241image1 image3donerunners

So Lets add to our New Year Resolutions List to START a New Project Every Month.This way I’ll have 12 unfinished projects to do for 2018! Ha! But seriously… how about we try 12 new techniques? Learn 12 new quilting things? Try a new quilting gizmo or try a new fabric line? What block have you always admired but have yet to sew? How about a class? Or joining a guild? What about designing and sewing your very own quilt design?

You Sew Girl. Let’s make Quilting Adventures by trying new things that stretch our creativity and our skill sets. We can always do those UFOs next year!