A Flock of Singers


This is a message from one of our Northern Material Girlfriends. She had a BIG birthday recently and we surprised her with a quilt to celebrate.

My dearest Material Girlfriends,

My Flock of Singers is beautiful… it was quite the surprise too!  You all are SEW sneaky!  And I love that they are each personalized, with Doris’ hand on each to do the blanket stitching. Y’all motivated me to get the quilt racks up so Amelia, my Gammil,  knows what she’s supposed to be doing…even with the CAD, she needs guidance and someone to turn her on.

The flock hangs right behind Amelia, and next to a shelf that really needed to have a collection of little sewing machines, and a squirrel of course.

I really like that I got another year too!  Dad took the flaming cake and blew out the candles last year sew I didn’t have to age, and this year my MGs gave me another!  Probably unintentionally, but I’m gonna take what I can get…And the quilt is firmly attached to the rack with Amelia and Gilmore (Brian’s cat) to guard against takebacks.  (Lisa’s Note: Yikes! I mistyped the year on the quilt label!!)

A chain stitch child’s Domestic, the MG Singing ‘Singer’ music box, my Singer chain stitcher that Dad helped me make doll clothes on, and an electric Singer Sew-Handy.

My view…it’s a happy place to be…Amelia (Earhart) Gammill with her little windsock (cause she’s sew fast).  There’s a king size quilt on today…found out I needed to move the old girl around a bit sew she didn’t hit the walls.  Fortunately she’s on wheels.  I suggested to Jon that we needed to move another wall…

Thank you all for the lovely quilt…I’ll deliver the hugs personally…sometime sewn!
Judy, Amelia and all the girls… and Gilmore, the quilting kitty.
Lisa’s note: We kept Flock of Singers a secret until Judy’s birthday but now the pattern is available.
Fabrics by Marcus Brothers Primo Batiks and Aged Muslins.
Pieced by Katheline Monnier who tested the pattern in Riley Blake fabrics.
Quilting on all three Flock of Singers by Lora Zmak.

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  1. I really love your singer quilt! When will you have it available for on-line purchase on your site? I know I will be purchasing one for sure! Thanks!

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