A Quilter’s New Year Resolution – Finish my Quilt Projects.

The Material Girlfriends were emailing back and forth wishing each other a Happy New Year. We wandered into the danger zone when I brought up my New Year’s Resolutions. I had decided that at the top of my Quilter’s list would be to finish projects this year. (cringe) I told the gals that I had 15 unfinished quilt projects. Judy accused me of being modest about the number so I wrote a list. Okay, I lied. I have 20 unfinished quilt projects and I didn’t dare open the closet to see if I had forgotten any.  My sister Lora, emailed her list. She spent the day organizing and listing her projects. She had 101 sewing/needle art projects to finish this year. What the…? Here is her list. I felt sew much better about myself.

images“I counted 23 quilting projects,  9 potholders (Shop Hop cast offs), an apron, an ironing board cover, 7 quilt items (small and large) that need long arm quilting, a lace bed skirt for Rachel, 2 dresses and a summer suit for Emily, kitchen valances (2), sitting room draperies (2), 5 Christmas stockings, 1 set of felt Raggedy Ann Christmas ornaments, 1 Christmas quilted ornament, 2 pincushions and bags, embroidered tea towel – from Lisa, felted snow flake, a partially knitted scarf, smocking, punch needle art, 3 red-work embroidery projects, 29 pillow cover ideas (Pinterest – yikes), 4 foot warmers, (I think I’ll need to buy more rice) and newly added to the list is 2 hand warmers for my pockets. This could be the reason why my sewing room is feeling so cramped…Nah.  At least I won’t get board!”

How do we justify having sew many projects? It’s called Project Saturation. We’re excellent Starters, but then we grow weary of a project, we stop and do what we do best. Start another project. The discipline comes in completing the projects. How to stay on track?? Any New Year Resolution needs a plan to achieve it. Here is my plan.

1. Finish the projects that are almost done. Quilting, binding, and label projects are first. Whew! Immediately off the list.

2. Next, ask yourself if you still like certain projects or were they “a learning process”. No rules are written that say you have to complete anything you don’t like. Give unloved projects to other quilters that may like to finish and enjoy it. Or if it is really bad, consider a pot holder project, use it to practices your machine quilting or trash it. A few more off the list.

3. Next, which projects have a deadline? Graduation, birthday, anniversary, baby quilts, those are next to work on. If it is a large project, I’ll work on it until “project saturation” begins, set it aside and work on another deadline quilt.

4. Last, I’ll complete the projects that need the least amount of time to complete. Thereby diminishing my list quicker and making me feel like I’ve accomplished more.

fabric-stack2Today, I’m going to do what Lora did and organize my projects according to my plan above. I’m confident my plan will help me achieve my first resolution for 2014. I also started a new class on the second Saturday of every month from 6-10pm at In Between Stitches called Lisa’s Finishing School for Wayward Quilters. If you’re local, join us for a fun evening of completing projects. If you’re not able to join us, schedule Finishing School for yourself. Cut out some time once a month to work on finishing your quilts.

What are your Quilter’s New Year Resolutions? I’ll share more of mine in future blogs.




4 thoughts on “A Quilter’s New Year Resolution – Finish my Quilt Projects.

  1. Oops. I actually have 106, I found five more projects. One is the yo-yo dog for Emily, it was hiding in fabric stash bin. The other was the Christmas quilt on the sofa upstairs that still needed the binding stitched down, both Kelly and my Christmas stockings need bits of finishing and a doggy snow coat for Tucker made out of one of Kelly’s old flannel work shirts….
    I must confess that the overwhelming amount on my list does NOT overwhelm me in the least. I also have no intention of finishing them all this year. Flitting from one project to the next keeps me happy. I will try very hard not to start too many new ones this year 😉

    • I’m making progress! As of March 16th, I have finished 23 of those projects listed above! The most incredible accomplishment of all, is that I have NOT started any new projects! This has been very hard for me. I did toss a couple of projects that no longer made me happy (6), but I was given a few more quilt tops (6) from my mother and friends that they need long arm quilting. However, I am steadily diminishing the number of unfinished projects as 2014 counts down. Yeah for me 😉

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