All The Cool Quilters Have Them

“But I think they’d really sell well!  All the cool quilters have them!” Lisa whined.

She eventually won, and ordered a box load of Yazzii bags from Australia for our quilt show booth. But I wasn’t really sold on them.  My first thought was that they are rather expensive and I really didn’t need one.  That tool bag I had spent so much time constructing was holding together.  Kinda. (see blog post Jan. 2015)

The challenge is that Quilters have lots of tools and we schlep those tools back and forth to class.  We also have a huge problem, on not being able to find our tools.  Even though Lisa and I are identical twins.  We are different in SEW many ways.  For one, I am naturally organized and Lisa is not.  I usually know where my tools are.  I also have a sewing room with cabinets and organized drawers.  Lisa does not. So I caved and let her order the Yazzii bags.  Anything to help her organize her life!

It was not very long before I started singing a different song.  WOW!  No wonder,  these bags are a Quilter’s new Favorite! They are a fabulous value.  I spent $60plus and three days on creating my little tool bag, (the yellow one in the photo below). I love that little bag.  However I have bloated, over filled and torn the little plastic storage bags. The Yazzii bag that is the same size – the mini craft organizer large– is $39.95.  Really?  My favorite one is the little teal bag, the mini craft organizer petite, for $29.95.  It is filled with all the accessories, manual, tools, and oil for my Featherweight. I LOVE it sew much!

Lisa’s favorite bag is Yazzii’s Universal Companion with four sleeves and 28 pockets of different sizes (see photos below).  It is the largest tool bag that we ordered for our show booth. This bag is so cool and is $119.95.  Honestly, I have spent more on my Vera Bradly totes and bags that are not nearly as useful. Lisa emptied her various stashes of tools and organized all her gadgets in one place.  Sturdy, double zippers, clear pockets to see and find thing, and fun colors too.  Mine favorite is the teal!

Another awesome feature is the beautiful wool work that you can add to personalize your Yazzii bag.  Sue Spargo has instigated quite a creative fervor in leading quilters to customize their own Yazzii bags by adding embroidered wool felt. Check out In Between Stitches’ class schedule for Wool Appliqué Club meetings with Suzi Dillinger!

I love the clear pocket on the outside of Lisa’s new Yazzi bag.  Perfect for a quick grab for a business card, or tag to identify it as yours!Take a sneak peak at the new pattern Lisa and I are working on.  Yes, it will be a bit bigger – more rows.  An there will be a puppy version. Love the pattern pocket in the front.  Ohhh?  And what pattern is Lisa working up??How about that?  Lisa found two of the same seam rippers….in different places.  Now they are together 😉
Bandaids, Tylenol and Kleenex are great to have in the tool bag you take to class. All those little square up rulers in one easy to find location!A collection of black fine tip permanent markers that had collected at the bottom of a bag.  An two more pockets in the back to hold more rulers.  Big rulers for big cuts, little rulers for little cuts.

Sew fun to have Lisa all organized!



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    • We were just going to have them at our booths but… do you live local? I’ve been bringing them to Lisa’s Finishing School at In Between Stitches.

  1. What a great bag! Looks like it would make a great travel bag too. Please let me know when Material Girls have Lisa’s pattern available.

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