Make a list, check it twice and then…

Part 3 …sit next to my sister.

by Lora Zmak

In Between Stitches Preview Party – Lora is in the middle

Whether you sit next to your sister-sister, sister-friend or your sister-quilter, we are in this together!

If you forgot to bring something to class, it is okay to ask if you could borrow the missing item.  It is a great way to start a conversation with a sister-quilter you’ve only just met.  Most of us go to class for the giggles and fellowship that women need and enjoy.  We need to get out of the house and make connections.

Just on a side note, there are a couple of things you really shouldn’t ask to borrow, unless you are best buds or truly related to the lending quilter. The first is a rotary cutter.  Those blades dull and are expensive.  One or two cuts is okay, but if you have a whole project to cut out?  You might need to buy another or buy a new blade for the lender.  Specialty fabric marking pens and pencils – these too dry up or are used up.  Consider picking yourself up another one.  Usually quilters are very sensitive to not borrowing something that can get ‘used up’.  Sometimes a new quilter doesn’t have that understanding yet.

I think we have covered everything that we need to bring to class in the previous three posts, but how about what not to bring?

What NOT to bring??

Do not bring any bad or trash self talk. Encourage yourself!  You can do this!  We spend 75% of our time in our own heads.  Make it a nice place to be.

Do not bring a bad attitude.  We do this for fun.  And it is fun, especially if you allow yourself to relax and enjoy the creative process. Don’t worry about not getting much accomplished.  The real reason you are here is to connect with other fun women.

Do not bring the stresses of a crazy busy day.  Leave all those in the car….I’m sure they’ll be waiting when class is over.

See you in class!

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  1. Ha ha! I love the last picture of Judy and Carolyn. Lora, I really like what you wrote about making the inside of our heads a nice place to be. We are always so critical of ourselves.

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