Making my List, Checking it Twice, Part 2

Checking it twice – Part 2 

by Lora Zmak

I attend Lisa’s Finishing School for Wayward Quilters twice a month. It is a 6 hour class, that goes until 11pm! Here are a few other things that my classmates have added to their tool bags:

Aspirin and Tylenol especially helpful for those long workshops in front of our sewing machines. And for those headaches brought on from a miss behaving sewing machine, and/or excessive seam ripping.

Bandaids – We work with lots of sharp things!  Don’t bleed on your quilt!

An extra pair of reading glasses – You can only sew as well as you can see. More often than not, I loan this pair out!

Task lighting –  Again, you can only sew as well as you can see.

A few extra dollars for the ice cream or latte run.

Refreshments – You need to stay hydrated for a long sew! Bring your water. Our sewing class room has a Kuirigg machine.  I always pack a few extra decaf coffee pods. Last week, Irene pulled an extra set of plastic silverware out her tool pack!  And they were needed! Pack little snacks, like a package of nuts.  When I get too hungry, it is hard to focus on what the Instructor is trying to tell me! Consider packing something quiet to munch on…

A seat cushion.  Sometimes, we only have metal chairs to sit on and sometimes we are lucky and have nicer chairs.  A seat cushion can give you a bit more comfort for a long workshop.  Look into adding a Gaian Balance cushion to your class supply list. These are fantastic for keeping your core muscles engage and will really help relieve sore backs! Or keep an eye out for a new class and pattern by Material Girlfriends The Tushie Cushie. You’ll be the envy of your quilting classmates!

Hair clips and pony tail holders.

Zip lock baggies to keep all the pieces for a block together.

A small personal iron (Yazzii has such a cute case to store it in!!!) and ironing pad.

Tool mat that my sewing machine sits on.  I’m forever chasing down my seam ripper and snippet scissors.  My Yazzi tool mat keeps them at my finger tips and not rolling across the table.

A variety of thread.  You’ll need white, tan, medium grey and black or charcoal.  Use the thread color that closely blends in with your project.

A little spray bottle of spray starch and/or water, for pressing or removing your blue water erase pen marks.

What else…what am I forgetting??

What ‘different’ item would you pack for class? What would you recommend adding to our packing list for either a long workshop or quilt retreat?

We’d love to hear your suggestions!


What do you think?