Making my List, Checking it Twice

You know when you’re just going along… minding your own business… when suddenly it hits you. You remembered something you forgot. Eyes get big, quick intake of breath, heart jumps in your chest. The older I get, the more this happens. I’ve wrecked two pans on my stove just this year because I left the kitchen, got sidetracked and forgot I was cooking! Now I have a rule that I can’t cook unless I STAY inside the 10’x10′ kitchen space. Why didn’t someone tell me I forgot to post July’s tips and tricks for the Bird Walk BOM?! So sorry for my distractedness! I’ve added month 11 if you’re following along.

But I DID remember to add a page for Guilds. I added a new block of the month page for Living In The Moment and uploaded a paper piecing tutorial. But, wanna know what else I forgot? Lora wrote the next blog and I forgot to post it. *sigh* (Sorry Lo). Below is what she wrote.  Hmmm. I think we’re a lot alike!

Making my List, Checking it Twice, and then sit next to my sister. 

I always sit next to my sister when we go to Quilting class or quilt retreat.  It’s not because she’s my best friend. Well she is, but that’s not the reason.  It’s because I always forget something and I’m going to need to reach over to her tool bag and borrow it. I’m always leaving something behind. Just last month I left at home an entire suitcase of free motion quilting tools that I needed. I know I’m not alone in this. One of our students forgot all her fabric and another forgot the peddle and power cord to her sewing machine. Frustrations.   Make a list, check it twice and then sit next to my sister….That’s pretty much my basic plan.

Part 1-

Make a list: What to bring to quilting class? 

I have a new Yazzii bag with all these LOVELY pockets…. As I was transferring my tools from my old bag to the fancy new one I thought…What shall I fill them with?  What do I need for class? What should I NOT forget this time?

Usually when you sign up for a quilt class, you are given a supply list and a list of the basics. But on top of that list, add:

-Sewing Machine, foot peddle and power supply, and manual and a variety of feet. I bring my featherweight to class.  She fits in a lovely carry on flight bag and easily rolls across the parking lot.  I have a small Yazzii bag that holds all her tools, oil, manual and bobbins and feet.  She is my class sewing machine.  She’s light weight and mobile.  I don’t like crawling under my desk and unplugging and packing up my fancy, big and expensive computerized sewing machine.  When I am home my featherweight is stored in the down stairs closet and waits patiently until I am ready to go to class again.

-Rotary cutter, spare blades, rulers.  (Big rulers for big cuts, small rulers for small cuts) Any other rulers? Square ups? Specialty rulers? ¼”ruler?  That will usually depend on what project you are working on.

-Cutting mat.

-Marking pens/pencils.  My favorite is the one with blue water erase on one end and the purple air erase on the other. Plus, pencil, pen and sticky note paper to label and make notes on my progress. I have a tiny highlighter that I pack to mark my pattern too.

-Seam rippers. I usually bring two, because one will roll into hiding for the entire duration of class and will only make an appearance when I start to pack up to go home.

-Shears and scissors. One large and one small.

-Pins, needles and needle threader.

And of course, your pattern and fabrics and co-ordinating thread.

These are pretty basic class necessities.  And hopefully you have these all gathered and ready to go.

I’ll see you in class!

Sew fun,


Lora has written part 2 and part 3 of Making my List, Checking it Twice.  Sew stay tuned!

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