March Bite Size Quilt

MarchBiteSizeSquareTop of the Mornin’ to ya! We can all be Irish in March, especially if you make this adorable Irish chain with shamrock appliqué in the center. To download this free pattern click here. March.BiteSizeBlock.Instructions If you’d like lots of picture for the Extreme Piecing technique, then you’ll want this word doc as well. Material Girlfriend Judy put this together. Shamrock Little Bits Block (Sorry, free download expired 11/16. For pattern, please purchase Bite Size Vol. 2)

Every year on the 17th of March, I’d write up a limerick and call my mother. “Top of the mornin’ to ya, Mother of mine. Tis Patty, Patty O’Furniture, calling with a limerick for ya.” She’d laugh at my silly, ridiculous Irish accent, call my father over and put me on speaker phone.

Before We Go Further, Exactly What Is A Limerick?

According to Wisegeek a limerick is a five-line humorous poem with an AABBA rhyme scheme. It is about 500 years old (I’ve not been writing them that long), and held to have first been used as a distinct form at the end of the sixteenth century.

“Okay, Patty, we’re ready for you.” says my mother.

A quilter’s husband once spilt

A cold beer all over her quilt

He really was sly

He wiped it quite dry

But confessed because of the guilt!

Enjoy your Saint Patty’s Day celebrations.


Patty O’Furniture (aka MG Lisa)




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