May Bite Size Block

784254829_203149c89b_zApril showers bring May flowers

Did you know this little ryhme can be dated clear back to the 1500s? There is meaning behind the words, as well. “April showers bring May flowers” is a reminder that even unpleasant things, in this case April rains, can bring about very pleasing things, like an abundance of flowers in May. “April showers bring May flowers” is a lesson in patience, and one that remains valid to this day.  When you apply this to quilting, exercising patience in cutting, piecing and pressing, you’re rewarded with a pleasing block!


This month’s block is a beautiful May flower block. If you ever want a really cool reference book, pick up a copy of Jinny Beyer’s The Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Patterns. It has more than 4050 pieced blocks! The book shows this square was called The Weather Vane by Ruby McKim, and was in the Kansas City Star in January of 1929. Looks like a pretty flower to me. I recently saw this block used for an entire quilt. (Or a block like it.) When I went to find the magazine so I could list it for you, I couldn’t find it. When I find it, I’ll leave a comment. Or if YOU see it, you leave the comment so I can quit searching my sewing room.

I’ll be teaching this May Flower block this coming Sunday afternoon, May 3, in my Bite Size class. If  you’re local, join us for an afternoon of fun. You can download my instructions for the block, ILoveUsYearRound.InsidePgs18-19. You can sign up for the class through In Between Stitches website’s class page.

Coincidentally, Missouri Star Quilt Company’s Daily Deal is the same fabric line that the I Love Us Year Round quilt is made of – Marcus Fabric’s Primo Batiks: Aurora & Twilight. And they have instructions for the Jelly Roll races. I’m hostessing In Between Stitches Jelly Roll Race II in August. Buy your jelly roll and sign up!



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