The T-shirt Quilt

Out of all the quilts I’ve created, you want to know which is my husband’s favorite? It’s his super hero t-shirt quilt. Michael calls it his Woobie. Sleeps with it every night too, unless it is displayed at In Between Stitches to advertise my T-shirt quilt class. Which is where it is right now. He goes to visit his t-shirt quilt regularly and insists we need a guard and bullet proof glass to encase the best and most valuable quilt in the store.

TShirtQuilt3When I was getting ready to make my husbands super hero quilt, I laid all the t-shirts he had ‘retired’ onto the dining room table. I called Michael over to take a look at the arrangement.

“What are you doing woman!!” he exclaimed.

“I’m making your t-shirt quilt, remember?” I defended.

“No!! You can’t mix Marvel and DC on the same quilt!” and he quickly removed all the DC t-shirts from my arrangement.

Since I was then short for the lay-out I wanted to make, he went into his closet and retrieved more Marvel t-shirts for the quilt. Really? What was I thinking? I naively thought a super hero was a super hero! So I made the Marvel t-shirt quilt and he LOVES it. Now it is time to finish the DC hero quilt. I’ve enough t-shirts to finish it.

Why the attachment to t-shirt quilts? T-shirt quilts are quick and easy to make. Cost less to make than other quilts of the same size. Yet, t-shirt quilts tend to be the most loved quilting creations. It’s because they are full of memories. So many memories are tied to each t-shirt. Last Christmas I gave a 49er/Giants sport t-shirt quilt to my brother-in-law and a German Shepard training/events t-shirt quilt to my father-in-law. Both were extremely delighted with their gifts.The t-shirts were full of happy memories to them.

A couple other t-shirt lay-outs.


TShirtQuilt1If you have a stack of t-shirts and always wanted to make a cozy memory quilt, join me for the next three Thursday evenings at In Between Stitches for my T-shirt quilt class. Click on this link to register for the class and we can get your quilt top done in the  evening classes from 6-9pm. You can choose any lay-out design from the t-shirt quilt book and I will help you create a custom beloved work of art out of those worn out tees.



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