We Want You!

Actually… Alden Lane Nursery Wants Your Quilts. But that was too long for a headline. Alden Lane Nursery in Livermore, CA, has put on the most fabulous of quilt shows for… gosh, I don’t know how long. The first one I attended was in 1999 and I haven’t missed one since. This annual quilt show is the reason I started quilting! Really! Quilts are hung on lines strung between giant California Heritage Oak trees. It is a “must see” if you’ve never been. This free “Quilting In The Garden” show will be September 23 & 24.

So back to the the headline (it’s even longer now). Alden Lane Nursery Wants Your Quilts for the Quilting In the Garden Show. Every year a featured quilt artist or two are invited to display their quilts, as well as quilts from quilters all over the valley. Cyndee from Alden Lane Nursery, recently sent me an email saying she needed more quilts from the community! Material Girlfriends to the rescue! Of course we can help, but the show is just around the corner so we need you to act NOW! 

I already hear the excuses. “Mine isn’t good enough.” Yes it is. There is no judging, no prizes, no win, no loose. Plus the quilts are hung 20 feet in the air so no one is going to see if you have any points missing. It is our duty as quilters to support the events that promote and honor the quilting arts (did that guilt you into it?). So go to this link,

Quilt Show

scroll down a bit and you’ll see the part about Open Call for Quilts. Download your form and send it in right away! Tell them the Material Girlfriends sent you.


(Image shamelessly stolen from Keepsake Quilting Labor Day Sale Ad and Material Girlfriend logo added)


Lisa and Lora

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