Are we there yet?

20170310_123252“How much further? He’s on my side. I gotta go..”

Oh, but aren’t road trips just the best? I love visiting all the quilt shops along the way. Or rather, as many shops as my husband and boys will let me!

It is Spring Break for my youngest son, a sophomore at Granada High. We plan on taking advantage of the beautiful weather and hit the road for some adventures. With a driving permit in my son’s wallet, I plan on sitting in the back seat and let my husband co-pilot. (I’m sure Josh will do fine. He really is ready to take is driving test.)

I’ve packed an encyclopedia of quilt blocks, my notebook and color pencils. Best of all, I’ve a large baggie stuffed full of new fabric swatches! Marcus Brother’s Textiles just sent me their brand-spanking-new batik lines. They are so new, they’re aren’t even on their web page yet! I can’t wait to start designing!

Back to road trips. Thank goodness for Google Maps, right? Takes the stress out of driving – no getting lost. And if you tell Google Maps to find the quilt shops along the route, you won’t accidentally miss one!

Road trips are a wonderful break. We run run run in our daily lives that having a break in the car, is so relaxing. We have the best conversations in the car too (if I can get the ear buds out of their ears). On long road trips, Mike and I will take turns reading to each other, then discussing what we read. It is just a great break. I get to slow down (even at 70mph).

When you just can’t take a road trip, you can still take a break and slow down. Sometimes we get project saturation with our big quilt project. Take a break and make something small. A different block with different colors, or a rope basket, a Bite Size block, etc.

I taught the Easter Basket class the other week. We had such fun putting together the adorable baskets! Check out the pics. Everyone’s baskets turned out great!20170312_145245 20170312_145253 20170312_145300 20170312_150042 20170312_150056 basketI hope you get the chance for a little road trip during Spring Break too. Whether you’re getting in the car and driving or just a break from your large quilting project by doing a small project. Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Are we there yet?

  1. I know you posted the Elf Mug Rug a while ago I hadd just seen the YouTube video for it and downloaded it and noticed rhe top of the hat was missing. I noticed someone else also said that. Is there anyway I can get the missing part?

    • I checked the file. It isn’t missing. It has to do with the way your printer is printing it/or computer is downloading it. I’ll email it to you.

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