Confessions of a Messy Quilter

“Hello, my name is Lisa and I am a messy quilter.”

“Hello Lisa.” reply the imaginary support group circle in my head.

It’s bad. See the embarrassing video link of my office/studio/sewing room. Yup… Support group, here I come.

I can just imagine your response.

If this were my entire house, I’d be reenlisting with a fabulous support group at I joined her support group for messy peoples 17 years ago and the tools I had learned have generally kept me tidy. Really. But as I prepared for the traditional Christmas foofaraw downstairs, all my sh..tuff got dumped in my office/sewing room. Now, if I could just shut the door and deal with it January 1, I would. But the behemoth of a table against the wall is a Murphy bed and it will need to sleep a guest Dec. 19th through the 26th. I’m sure it would be more comfortable if I could actually open said Murphy bed. *sigh*

I’ve got my work cut out for me. I’m rolling up my sleeves and taking a hard look at my storage issue. What can be tossed, what can be put away and what can find a new home?

My closet has WONDERFUL shelves that my husband built for me. I’m going to reshuffle so I can get the patterns in the closet. The fabric bins that are currently in there, are easily stackable and sealed with plastic lids. They can be re-organized under the cutting table/ Murphy bed. My project baskets that are everywhere will… hmmm… uh…  I need a new storage solution.

I don’t like my ironing board. It’s wobbly and the legs bent in half when I set a suitcase on top. (Okay, I over pack.) I rebent the ironing board legs straight…but, it lists to the left. A sweet friend of mine built the extra wide and long ironing surface that sits on top of the wobbly ironing board. I like the top. I don’t like the bottom.

I saw in the current American Patchwork and Quilting magazine a storage solution of a black wire cart with six lined wire baskets. I think this will work for me. I’m ordering two. I can put my wonderfully wide and long ironing surface on top. This will give me 12 lovely baskets to put my projects in! $55 each, get your own here.

I have a plan!! I’ll get to work and report back after I have the wire basket doohickies set up with my projects and ironing board.

Do you need a plan for your sewing space too? Get a timer, and a hot cup of tea. The timer is to keep you on track. Set the timer for 10 minutes and go through Pinterest (Lisa’s Sewing Room Board) for sewing room ideas. If your tea turns cold, you’re done collecting ideas. The tea is my back-up timer because I always seem to go beyond the 10 minutes on Pinterest! Now, get to work.

Thanks for being my support group!





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