Fake It, Till Ya Make It

IMG_8056Look. Look. Look. I’m so excited! The booth looks professional, like we know what we’re doing! We’re faking it, of course. We’ve no idea what where doing. My Momma always said, “Fake it, till ya make it, girls.”

We were fortunate to get an early unload time at the Robert Livermore Community Center, and stayed over 4 hours setting up and primping our FIRST TIME EVER booth. If it was just Lora and I, you could almost understand why it took so long. But, I am every so grateful for Kel (Lora’s husband), Katheline (Material Girlfriend), Carolyn (Mamma) and Dave (Dad). They hauled, stacked, unstacked, stood on ladders, arranged lights, counted, clipped, primped, piled, pinned, sorted, and tagged. It took a team of 6 people most of the day to put up one 10’x10′ booth. Whew! We celebrated our victory by going to the Alehouse for some cold Alaskan Ale and huge portioned meals.

Over the ice cold ale, we came up with our AVQ Show Deal #1 and AVQ Show Deal #2. Deal #1, Buy a pattern and a kit and receive a second pattern of equal or lesser value for 50% off. Deal #2, Buy two patterns and receive a third pattern of equal or lesser value for 50% off. It’s crazy Lisa’s lay-off-the-ale sale!!  The show starts tomorrow, Saturday, April 22 at 10am. The kits are wonderful! Lots of small kits for Bite Size patterns and Lo made fabulous kits for the Wrapped Up Basket Totes, plus a lot more. You must come see. The sale might be one day only. (We’ll know for certain when the ale wears off).

Katheline took these great photos of our booth building process.


Got the frame up and began hanging the quilts.IMG_8042

Oh yeah, Kel can you add lights?IMG_8045

Katheline and Lora did most all the arranging because Momma and I had to go back to the rental place for rod reinforcements and to pick up cold ice tea.  IMG_8048 IMG_8049 IMG_8051

Lora demonstrated her yodeling.

We hope to see you this weekend at the Amador Valley Quilters Show. I think we ‘faked it till we made it, Mamma.’ Looks good. Looks real good.



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