Shhh… Have I got a deal for you.

No, not the Brooklyn bridge. Way more fun than that.

Material Girlfriends have been setting up a booth at local Quilt shows (this is our 3rd time). And this weekend we will be at the Alden Lane Nursery “Quilting in the Garden” show! You’ll not want to miss this show. It is the most beautiful outdoor quilt show EVER. That’s tomorrow and Sunday.

We have a 10′ x 20′ booth we’re sharing with In Between Stitches and it is full to the gills with lovely, fun, wonderful quilting patterns, kits and fun stuff.

But wait, there’s more. We have deals.

Did you catch that? Here is the sign.

But if you want a Yazzii bag, be sure to say, “Hot Flash my Yazzii” for 15% off your Yazzii purchase. It won’t be advertised in the booth! Don’t forget to pick up your purple hand fan. All the cool quilters have them. Ha!

Thank you Kelly! Your help was amazing.

Lora climbing up and down, up and down, up and down, putting up the tent and quilts.

Carolyn (mom) hold up one of the quilts. Don’t let the quilts hit the dirt!

Carolyn calling in reinforcements!

We hope to see you this weekend!! Come through the front entrance at Alden Lane Nursery and hang a left. Listen for the laughing and you’ll know you’re headed the right direction!

Lisa and Lora

Material Girlfriends

3 thoughts on “Shhh… Have I got a deal for you.

  1. I shared some of my wallet with your booth! Amazing, fun and enjoyed you new products! Great job girls !!!!!!! Always enjoy your smiles. Lynnette

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