April Bite Size Block

AprilBiteSizeBlockTime seems to fly by me all the time. I turned my head… and a week of April just flew by!

The weather has been beautiful here in Livermore. The sun has been shining bright, yet Easter weekend we got a little April Shower to water our May flowers.

This coming Sunday is our next Bite Size class and we will be putting together this cute “Birds on a Line” block. Download the pattern here ILoveUsYearRound.InsidePgs15-17. We will be making this block with light, double-sided fusible web and machine stitching the pieces in place. Add three pretty pinwheels and you’ll have a lovely spring block to add to your growing stack of “I Love Us All Year Round” blocks or to finish as a Bite Size, 12″ quilt and display in a small rack or on the wall!

I just love this “I Love Us All Year Long” quilt. I think it is my favorite quilt so far. I love the bright Marcus Fabric batiks [R07 Primo Batiks: Aurora & Twilight] and the whimsical designs of each block. I love how the calendar blocks gently encircle the house. The home is the center of my world. I think that is why I can get so stunned by how quickly the calendar can go by. I am quite content to sit in my pretty center block and watch the calendar blocks go by my window. And say, How did it get to be April already? I delight in all the vibrant colors but what makes the quilt so special to me is the incredible quilting that Lora did on it.

If you’ve not had a chance to study the quilting on this “I Love Us All Year Long” quilt, next time you stop by In Between Stitches in Livermore, take a moment to study the intricate quilting that was done.

In Between Stitches just presented the next quarter class schedule this past Tuesday. Lora and I both have classes offered over the next 4 months. Lora has two new class options on quilting. One is called “Quilt as Desired”. It is an open quilt class where students bring their quilt tops and are coached through the entire quilting process. Lora will demonstrate quilting products and their uses. She is offering that workshop four times this quarter, May 5, 10-1pm; June 7, 11-2pm; July 23, 10-1pm; August 23, 11-2pm. If you’re interested in quilting your own quilts, these are a must! At just $25 a session, it is a stitchin’ deal.

Lora’s second quilting class that she is offering is called “Quilting Makes the Quilt”. It is a one day workshop from 12:30-3:30 on Saturday, June 13. During this class Lora will discuss batting, thread, marking choices, backing and where to find quilting ideas. Then you get to do free-hand quilting, meandering fillers and free motion feathers with your machine.

I think her classes will fill up quick. Be sure to log onto InbetweenStitches.com and sign up for a class.

We’ll blog more on quilting. It is an very important part of a quilt! I hope to see you Sunday at the April Bite Size class!

Sew on and Sew on,